Recent Adoptions from SARGE
by Cynthis Morris
March 26, 2007

March has been a very lucky month for animals rescued by Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation. To date, there have been 9 adoptions – 4 cats and 5 dogs. The breed rescue volunteers, consisting of Angela McGary, Carol Fultz and Donna Lindsey, placed 19 dogs and 3 cats! Two of the cats will be having litters soon. Examples of dogs sent to breed rescues included an Alaskan Malamute, 2 Golden Retrievers, a Border Collie/Chow mix, a Schipperke, a Chihuahua-Doxie mix, 5 Elkhound mix puppies, a Boxer-mix puppy, and seven other dogs of mixed breeds. “This month the pets were taken to rescue shelters in Greensboro, Charlotte, and Greenville, SC,” said Carol Fultz, “but the Border Collie-Mix went to Washington, D.C.” Fultz said, “When the animals go to STARR in Greensboro, we meet someone from there in Hickory. To transport the Border Collie, we met someone in Kingsport who drove him to Roanoke and the Washington contact met him in Roanoke.”

Following are five of the happy adoption highlights.

When Bentley was found, he was almost unrecognizable as a Bichon Frise. He was taken to Revina Towe, owner of Bandannas & Bows Pet Grooming. Revina groomed him at no charge to make him more presentable to prospective owners, not to mention making Bentley more comfortable. He was adopted by Cathy Smiley.

Bentley - Before and After!

Pogo (right) with his new family
Marmalade, an American Long-Hair orange tabby about two years old, was a stray adopted by Marion Sprinkle.

Oscar, an 8-12 month old Boston Terrier mix, was turned into the shelter as an unwanted pet. He was adopted by Kyla Dana from Asheville who has 2 small boys. Now Oscar will be wanted and cared for by a family who will love him.

Pogo, a Chihuahua-terrier mix, was rescued from the shelter by Nancy Bulluck. Nancy said, “Bless his little heart, Pogo was so far from cute, that I knew it would take a special family to want him.” That family turned out to be Mr. and Mrs. Marc Yons who also have another rescue dog named Chloe.

Nancy also removed Charo, a Chihuahua, from the shelter when she discovered that she was about to have puppies. Charo had six puppies at Nancy’s house. Judy and Tommy Ray have adopted Charo and Nancy is fostering six puppies while they wait for adoption.

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