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Adopt A Pet!

We have two different places where you can look for the best pet for your family. Most of the pets shown here were in the Haywood County Animal Control facility. Some are still there, others are now in Sarge Foster Homes.

Please read about each of these groups of pets because they are in different places and have different contact information!!!

Pets at the Haywood County Animal Shelter -- Click here to view pets

These pets are currently at the Haywood County Animal Shelter. You can visit them there and adopt them directly from the Shelter. These are not Sarge pets, but adopting from the Shelter is a wonderful way to find a pet and we encourage you to go to the Shelter if you see a dog or cat that strikes your fancy! Please do not submit an adoption application to Sarge's for these pets -- you must adopt them directly from HCAS.

Sarge Fosters - Click here to view pets

Sarge's foster animals are usually taken directly from the Haywood County Animal Control facility. They are all tested for heartworm or Feline Leukemia/HIV, given appropriate vaccinations and preventatives for heartworms and fleas, and if they are old enough they have been spayed or neutered. They are socialized as time permits and many have been taught basic commands.

The basic adoption fee is
  • $50 for cats over 6 months
  • $75 for kittens
  • $125 for adult dogs (over 6 months)
  • $175 for puppies (under 6 months)
  • $200 for highly adoptable dogs (these are listed in the descriptions as such).
These fees apply to pets that have already been spayed or neutered, or those that we take to Humane Alliance for spay/neuter. If your pet has not yet been spayed or neutered at the time of adoption because it is too young, another option is to take them to one of our preferred local vets for an additional $30. Please check with us for the list of preferred vets. You may also take them to any other vet of your choice -- if you do that, then you are responsible for paying the cost of the operation and when you supply proof of spay/neuter you will receive a rebate of $50 from us for dogs only.